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About Tunjuk Langit

Tunjuk Langit or Sky Fruit is found in dim areas around peninsular Malaysia and South Pacific Solomon Islands. Tunjuk Langit has a scientific name of Switenia Macrophylla and normally aborigines call it ‘Jelai’.

Tunjuk Langit is an evergreen perennial fruit tree, which can grow beyond 30 meters. It has a big fruit with hard shell and thin inner layer, which grows at the upright in the branch side. When it is ripe in orange-yellow colour, the fruit will split itself, with each valve has two rows of seeds.

Tunjuk langit was known as “Queen of plant”, for its health benefits in the Solomon Islands for generations. The local people use Tunjuk Langit for more than thousand years of history for the treatments of diabetes, hypertension, allergic diseases (such as allergic rhinitis) and endocrine disorders.

Tunjuk Langit seed has been recognized for its unique health effects. It is rich in active ingredients of flavonoids and saponins for anti-bacterial inflammation, repair tissue and promote blood circulation effect. The essential oils which extract from its seeds when used day by day could help to reveal a splendor and healthy looking skin from within.

The parts of Tunjuk Langit which can be used are the entire plant part above the ground surface. The roots of this plant grow to 150fts deep from ground surface to absorb the nutrients and water which are not contaminated. Thus, the high content of nutrients stored in the fruit is safe to be consumed.

Active Ingredients

In the late 20th centuries, CARE International associate with Dr. Mustafa Ali Mohd, Professor University Malaya Medical Centre and Dr. Osama Arafat, Ph.D. in Saudi Arabia Pharmacy have done in-depth research and experimental study; the results show that the Tunjuk Langit is rich in the following three active ingredients; flavonoids, saponins and alkaloid which can regulate blood pressure and sugar levels.

In recent years, the fruit has been widely accepted by medical specialists and doctors. The consumers’ testimonies have earned global acceptance of its core values to be one of the best health products in the market. Tunjuk Langit is not only pure in nature; it is also an excellent product that promotes overall health fundamentally.

There are the active ingredients of Tunjuk langit:
• Flavonoids (found in Tongkat Ali) — promote health and human well being beyond that of other nutritional supplements
• Saponins (found in Ginseng) — act as soap and lubricant that helps to promote blood circulation throughout the human body.
• Alkaloids — elimination of waste chemicals through normal channels and activation of white blood cell
• Vitamins — vitamin A, B1, B6, D and E
• Minerals — potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron
• Dietary Fiber
• Folic Acid
• Protein and Carbohydrate

Health Benefits

Tunjuk Langit is naturally alkaline, thus it is effective to protect our body against bacteria or virus and also drowsiness and body fatigue. Overall, Tunjuk Langit has the following benefits:
• Normal healthy: Tunjuk Langit as a body detoxification, brain enhancer and sexual stimulant.
• Antipyretic: Treatment of fever due to infection of bacteria.
• Treatment of diet induced diabetes: Removal of fat and plaque in blood vessels of pancreas; stimulation of the production of insulin.
• Stroke and cardiovascular disease: Alkaloid content will thicken blood.
• Gout (excessive acid in body): Neutralizes the other acids in body.
• Strengthen immune system: Regulate immune function enhancement, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus.
• Respiratory system: Chronic bronchitis, asthma, cough crop.
• Nervous system: Lacks of sleep, fatigue, relieve stress, insomnia, migraine headache.
• Women’s problems: Delay of menopause and restore of healthy youthful appearance.
• Men’s problems: Prevention of erectile dysfunction due to increase blood flow in that vital area.
• Digestive System (Pancreatic included): Gastrointestinal ulcers, cirrhosis, acute and chronic hepatitis, hangover, etc.
• Cancer and tumor: High alkaloid concentration raises body pH above 8, retarding and killing cancer cell.
• Endocrine system (including metabolic disease): Diabetes, sterility, infertility, improves kidney function.
• Anti- aging: Elimination of reactive oxygen free radicals.
• Others: Allergies, such as the trachea, skin, weight loss, etc.

Processing Step

1) The fruits of Tunjuk Langit are harvested from the forests.
2) Seeds of Tunjuk Langit are separated from the fruits.
3) All the collected seeds are washed with clean water and dried u/nder sunlight.
4) The dried seeds are then packaged and ready for consumption.

Product Characteristics

Part of Plants used : Seeds
Appearance : Dried seeds
Color : Burgundy (outside), creamy white (inside)
Odor : Characteristic
Taste : Bitter
Packaging : Box

Consuming Method & Typical Dosage

There are a few methods to consume Tunjuk Langit:

a) Consume directly
Take 1-2 seeds daily.
b) Capsule
• For health maintaining, take one capsule a day half an hour before meal.
• For poor health condition, take one capsule each in the morning, afternoon and evening half an hour before each meal.
• 6-12 years old children can take half of a capsule daily.

Traditional & Modern Consumption

Traditionally, the way people consumed Tunjuk Langit is by taking a piece of its seed, remove the coat then chewed and swallowed. However, the taste is bitter. Today, Tunjuk Langit is also available in form of capsules.

Safety Precaution

• Extract of Tunjuk Langit is natural herb. It is safe to be consumed without side effect. The dosage for children should be less than adult’s and it can be mixed into foods or drinks.
• The use of Tunjuk Langit has been widely accepted by medical specialists and doctors. It is pure in nature and no ill side effect is encountered even for long term consumption.
• Children below 6 years old and pregnant women are not recommended to consume.
• Individuals who are on prescribed medications, check doctor due to possible drug interaction.
• Tunjuk Langit is a traditional supplement but not medicine, please seek for medical help if symptom(s) persists.

Side Effects

Although Tunjuk Langit is natural product, in case of overdose, it may cause mild diarrhea or imbalance of acid-base in body in some individuals. These effects are reversible if consume is stopped.

Storage Requirement

Keep at cool and dry place protected from direct sunlight. Avoid reach of children.

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